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The evening begins with a scream from the bathroom. You rush in to find your spouse (your wife or your husband) standing up on the toilet seat. œWhat's that? he/she says shakily pointing at the bathtub. You peek in expecting to find a bug the size of an ocean liner, but all you see is a prehistoric looking insect with lots of legs and long antenna. You've just entered the œSilverfish Zone.

Silverfish are truly gross looking primitive wingless insects that are covered with silvery scales and owning three antennae-like things that protrude from the end of their abdomen called bristle tails. The darned bugs are only a half inch long, but they're fast and creepy.

Silverfish live in warm, moist spots, hiding during the day in tight cracks. You ***image4***can find them anywhere in and/or on your house, including under roof shingles. They especially love the sizing on clothing and glue on books and wall paper. They have been known to eat irregular shaped holes in wallpaper to get to the paste. Lot's of people mistakenly think they have clothes moths when it's silverfish that are leaving small holes in fabrics like cotton, linen and silk.

So, when you start thinking about how to get rid of these ugly little dudes you need to consider the room in which they were found. The easiest way to start elimination is by lowering the room temperature and reducing the humidity. You can do this with a room dehumidifier, by fixing water leaks and removing standing water and by ventilating closed rooms and attics. You can also hasten the process by applying insecticide products in wall voids and other probable hiding places like attic insulation. Typical silverfish consumer pest control products are Intice Granular Bait and Drione Dust.

If you do decide to use a pesticide be sure to read and follow the label. The label is the law and it's written to protect the user.

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