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Silverfish Control

Silverfish are a small, wingless insect up to an inch long. But, when they are occupying your bathtub they have the œyuk effect of a much larger insect.

There are many pest control treatment methods for getting rid of silverfish. Since they need moisture, spreading a little desiccant powder like Drione Dust is effective. Residual insecticides like Demon WP are also options. Even baby powder, 20 Mule Team Borax or plaster mix on a moist rag will do the trick. You can also ***image2***buy silverfish packets that attract and kill the silverfish. The packets can be placed under rugs or in closets as a long term solution.

Silverfish can bite, but not enough to make a human aware. However, their bites can do damage to books or clothing, so it is best not to let an infestation get out of control.

Silverfish reproduce slowly, laying only about fifty eggs at a time and taking several weeks to hatch. They can live up to eight years and up to one year without a food source, so if you are seeing a lot of the little devils, the silverfish have probably been present for some time. They cannot climb up smooth surfaces, so are often found in bathtubs or sink basins where they have slipped in during their search for moisture.

Silverfish are often brought into homes in old cardboard boxes or furniture. A thorough examine is called for before bringing stuff inside. When you find silverfish indoors it is likely to be near dark, humid places like attics, closets, bookshelves and spaces in between walls. Outside they can be found in birds' nests or under tree bark.

The best way of preventing a silverfish infestation is to keep less inhabited areas and darker areas of your house free of clutter like cardboard boxes. The glue that holds the box together is a food source for the pest. They also feed on the glue on book bindings or many other organic materials. Seal up crevices and cracks in the basement or attic with a non-organic caulk to take away potential hiding places. Repair leaking plumbing to eliminate water and add more light to darkened areas to drive the silverfish away for good.

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