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Biting Insects

Summary: If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen! That's what they say in the south when they hear someone complaining about biting insects. The perfect combination of high heat and high humidity makes the south a prime breeding area for huge populations of biting insect pests.

A reader asks: I've just moved to southern GA and the gnats and mosquitoes are so bad here we can't enjoy the outdoors. Are there solutions for keeping these biting insects away?

Dear Reader: Sorry to tell you this, but welcome to the south. The hot, humid weather is perfect for insect development and there is nothing that can control the entire environment that surrounds your house and property and that includes biting insects.
***image3***You can read lots of ads for devices that claim to capture and control biting insects in and around your property, but the truth is most of those devices actually attract insects that would otherwise prefer to mind their own business. It's the insect body count that is supposed to convince you that the device is doing its job.
In the book, "Lives of A Cell" by Lewis Thomas (1974) he wrote that if we were to create a one square foot column and make it one mile high, inside that column would be one-trillion insects. That would hold true for every column for every square foot on earth.  So, keeping that little fact in mind, I truly don't believe that a product that claims it can control insects in the area of your back yard really has much of an impact on the insect population.
Turn on some overhead fans to circulate the air. Light some citronella candles, coat yourself with Deet and enjoy a cold mint julep and the Georgia weather.

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