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Gnat Insect

The gnat insect nibbles, fits through common screening and slips past netting. The gnat insect is a nasty, no-good nuisance that can destroy a golf game ruin an outdoor wedding and demolish a day in the park.

Get Rid of Gnats

A gnat may be any number of small biting flies such as midges, biting midges,  black flies or sand flies. But, no matter what they are called, they can be a nusiance and all anyone really wants to know is how to get rid of gnats once you have them.


The tiny punkie or biting gnat, flies in your face, up your nose and is generally a bother, especially when it is biting.

Myoporum Thrips

 œMyoporum Thrips. A name of a new San Francisco alternative-Rock group or the winning word for the National Spelling Bee? Neither! Actually it's a bug doing lots of damage to certain plant life along the Pacific coastline, but there are new products that really help.


A gnat is the informal name for many small insects of the order Diptera. The gnat category often includes midges, sand flies, small flies, no-see-ums and even mosquitoes.

Where Do Gnats Come From

If you wondered "Where do gnats come from?", we have compiled some information that will help you out during the next infestation.

How To Get Rid of Gnats

Here are some tips to teach you how to get rid of gnats. The two surest ways to get rid of gnats are to eliminate water sources and to apply repellant containing Deet and/or permethrin.

Buffalo Gnats

Female buffalo gnats are known for biting humans and animals in order to suck their blood. They can cause a lot of damage to livestock or people who are allergic to buffalo gnats.

Fungus Gnats

***image2*** Do you love to over-water your favorite plants? Keep it up and you will find yourself fighting fungus gnats. The mosquito-like funus gnat will occasionally become a nuisance from over-watered potted plants or flower boxes.

Biting Insects

***image2*** If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen! That's what they say in the south when they hear someone complaining about biting insects. The perfect combination of high heat and high humidity makes the south a prime breeding area for huge populations of biting insect pests.