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Electronic Flea Collar

Summary: Manufacturers of the electronic flea collar for pets prey on the good intentions of pet owners. Electronic flea collars do not work, despite their claims otherwise.

One word for anyone considering purchasing an electronic flea collar. Don't! Well, that was a conjunction. So, how about, œno? You get the idea. Don't do it. It is a total waste of money and you are a lot better coating your pet with Skin So Soft or lemon oil or any other of a long list of home remedies.

Ads of the electronic flea tick repeller collars make outrageous claims like œDelivers up to one year of flea and tick protection for your pet. The manufacturers say that the ultrasonic pulse creates sound waves that annoy pests so they œjump off before biting. Fleas can bite your pet several hundred times a day while they on in their fur. These manufacturers are trying to tell you they can get fleas off your pet the instant the electronic flea collar is placed on the animal. I say prove it! Put up or shut up!

The electronic flea collar ads say their product is a œsafe, convenient alternative to toxic chemicals and smelly, messy repellents. This is true. It is an alternative, but it fails to state that it is an œeffective alternative. Heck, a rope collar is a safe, convenient alternative to messy repellents, too.

This product carries a tag that says it has been tested by an Italian university's faculty of Parasitology, but it does not say a word about the test results, nor does it say if it was a single person in the faculty, nor if that faculty member was a member of the research staff or the janitorial maintenance staff.

Research on these products in this country have proven that fleas are unaffected by the sound wave lengths given off by these devices. Regardless of the apparent legitimacy of the advertiser, these products are bogus. By using the electronic flea collar you are delaying the care your pet requires to relieve it of its maddening flea problem.

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