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Pest Control Methods

For oh-so-many years pest management companies treated homes every month in an effort to keep insects at bay. The usual pest control methods consisted of treating all the baseboards throughout the house and especially the basement and garage. This was supposed to create a chemical barrier that would repel or kill any marauding insects.

Most pest control companies had their hearts in the right place. They were taught by chemical manufacturers that the potency of the insecticide would last from twenty to thirty days before it should be reapplied. Pest management companies applied treatments every month and this process seemed to work fairly well for decades.

Then things began to change as chemical compositions began to change. The process of micro-encapsulization was a major break through. This allowed ***image1***manufacturers to coat the active pesticide ingredient so that it would last longer when applied outdoors. The mere fact that pesticides could be put out in the rain or hot sun and still do their job presented many new opportunities to the pest control industry.

Now pest management companies began to take note of the types of insect pests that customers complained about most frequently. Ants, pill bugs, spiders and an assortment of beetles generally lead the list. It was quickly noted that these pests live outdoors and only become indoor pests in their quest to find food and shelter. With the new pesticide technology it was possible to create a protective border around a property to keep insects out, rather than treating the infestation after they had already gained entry.

So, perimeter treatments were born and this freed the customer from having to be present during the treatment. It also freed pest management companies from the burden of scheduling around customer timetables. The need for introducing pesticides into the home has been greatly reduced and everyone is happy, all around. If you are still demanding monthly interior treatments you should speak with your pest management firm to better understand the advantages of exterior perimeter treatments.

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