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Insect Bites and Stings

Summary: There are loads of cures on the market for insect bites and stings, some better than others. Here is an inexpensive, sure-fire way to stop the itching caused by insect bites and stings.

It's a beautiful, warm summer's evening and you have decided to eat dinner on the back porch. The sun is low in the sky as you set the table and call everyone for dinner. All settle in for a sumptuous meal and presto, just like magic, the mosquitoes begin their own feast and the main course is you.

You make a beeline to the medicine cabinet and rummage about looking for one remedy or the next. All the while those insect toxins are settling in and ***image1***the welt is growing. You finally make your selection and you rub the medicine in and wait to see if it brings the itching under control.

There is a fast, less expensive method and you probably have a bottle of it sitting right in your kitchen. Ammonia? That's right! Simple ammonia will do the trick. Take a paper towel, dip it in the ammonia. Dab it right on the itch. There is no œouch factor and you will get immediate relief.

Now, the final touch. Put a piece of scotch tape directly on top of the bite. Leave the tape on for about 4 hours and when you pull the tape off you may actually see the poison extract from the mosquito bites on the tape.

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