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Alternative Pest Control Methods

Pest control has grown into a billion dollar industry with experts estimating its value in 2019 to be 16.4 billion US dollars. Common residential pest infestations range from cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rats, ants, and termites. Some of the extermination methods incorporate the use of materials that may present health hazards to humans if used improperly; however, the good news is, natural methods of fighting pests, alongside the alternatives listed below, may be used in place of pesticides.

Eradicating Pests Using A Leaf Blower
A leaf blower is both a household and garden machine used to remove grass cuttings, leaves and debris. However there are alternative uses of leaf blowers, pest control being one of them.

Blowing Leaves and Debris
Once leaves from trees in the yard or garden fall off,they gather and make a suffocating layer above the grass. It blocks light from reaching the grass and ground beneath. The dump environment now created becomes an attraction and a breeding ground for a variety of pests. Since the sun can not reach the grass for drying, a lot of moisture accumulates and mosquitoes gladly find a stay. Acquiring a leaf blower and using it to gather these leaves for disposal will effectively destroy the habitat for these pests thus eradicating them.

Similarly, wet leaves and debris harbouring pest may often fall on your roof and clog your gutter. Pests from elsewhere will join in and make your clogged gutter their home. Here they may even hatch their eggs increasing the number of pests in your house.It is often dangerous and tiresome to get up the roof just to remove the wet leaves or twigs that have clogged your gutter. To clear the clogging, a good leaf blower comes in handy. It will easily blast away the clogging and the bugs living in your gutter and house.

Clean Dryer Vents
After periods of using your dryer machine, dirt particles and lint begin accumulating in the vent. If left unattended, the vent will definitely clog and pose a danger hazard as accumulated lint becomes a home and breeding ground for pests. Unclogging a vent pipe is however a hard task as many parts can not be easily reached. In such a case, a leaf blower is known to do an effective clean up of the vent. This will not only leave the dryer working better but will also blow away the pests.

Spider webs around the house make homes for harmful breeds of spiders whose bite could be lethal at times causing serious side effects and even death of the prey. A leaf blower can be used to blow away spider webs which in turn ensures control of such spiders.

A good leaf blower will easily blow away pests hiding in places hard to reach through other means. This makes it one of the most efficient methods of pest control.

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