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Alternative Pest Control Methods

Natural methods of fighting pests, alongside the alternatives listed in this article, can be implemented to obtain successful pest control.

Pest ID

Pest ID is the single most important step to take when planning on how to control household pests. Do like the pros do. Pest identification is job one.

Electronic Insect Repellent

There are numerous insect repellents on the market, but electronic insect repellent devices offer the consumer a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. There has, however, been some controversy over their effectiveness.

Pest Control Training

Pest control may appear fairly straight forward, but the duties of a professional pest control specialist require a load of pest control training about insects and animals, pesticides, equipment and a mountain of laws and regulations.

Problem Identification

Here's a story about someone who thought she had a pest problem when, in fact, she had a problem with identification. Actually, her problem was misidentification.

Morgellons Disease

Fact or fiction? Morgellons disease is a condition in which people experience lesions and itchiness underneath the skin. Some medical experts believe these patients are suffering from delusional parasitosis instead of this new disease. Read this article and decide for yourself whether the disease is an exaggeration or a serious medical problem.

Insect Classification

Insect classification. What's the big deal. That's a bug! That's a big bug! That's a big brown bug and that's a big brown bug with a stinger. See! It's easy.

Raising Worms

Raising worms can be very profitable. The worms you grow make excellent fishing bait and they are terrific sources for nurishing your garden soil. 

Insect Wings

Insect wings are one of the most interesting parts of insects because they have such variety and intricacy. Insect wings come in various numbers, patterns, and sizes while exhibiting a complex structure and amazing engineering.

Glossary of Pest Control

Confused about all those technical terms your pest control company throws at you? Here's a helpful glossary of pest control terminology that will give you the necessary ammo to lob a few terms right back at them.

Edible Insects

Eating insects is all the rage in many countries throughout the world. Bugs are eaten on a daily basis and provide nutrition to the poor and the rich alike.


When working with hazardous chemicals it is required to use the PPE (personal protection equipment) listed on the label. Use of PPE protects your health and it is mandated by the law.

Sterile Insect Technique

Sterile insect techniques introduces millions of sterile male insects into an environment to reduce the reproductive rate of harmful insects. It has been an effective method to eradicate the Screw fly in several parts of the world.

History of Pest Control

The history of pest control tells us that insects have been around a lot longer than people, so, presumably, people have had to deal with pests for the entirety of human existence. The history of pest control is a somewhat more modern concept, and many new innovations in pest control are still being developed today.

Choosing A Pest Control Company

Just remember, value is way more important than price when choosing a pest control company. When you have an insect problem in your home it is bad enough that you have to deal with the creepy crawlers. But, it can get worse if you have to decide on a company to come and get rid of the pests.

How Do Insects Breathe

I don't think I've ever seen a beetle that is out of breath, nor have I ever seen a bee with a stuffy nose. So, how do insects breathe?

Do Insects Sleep

The question of "Do Insects Sleep?" may be answered by new studies that refute the long held belief that insects don't sleep.

Fun and Games

Insects! Some people hate them. Some people love them, especially children. In fact, there exists an entire industry of fun and games involving insects.  Board games, hobbies and jokes exist to entertain people who cannot get enough of insects.


Scientists are working to discover how termites process the cellulose they eat in the hopes of learning how to use it to produce bio fuels like biodiesel.

Pest Control DIY

Thinking about doing your own pest control? The following publications can provide pest control information not often offered to the general public. All the publications provide archived issues on all sorts of pest managmenet topics.


Parasitosis, or delusional parasitosis, causes people to feel insects crawling on them when nothing can be seen on the skin.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests often infest stored foods that have gone beyond their expiration dates. This includes boxes of food that have never been opened.

Insect Bites and Stings

***image2***There are loads of cures on the market for insect bites and stings, some better than others. Here is an inexpensive, sure-fire way to stop the itching caused by insect bites and stings.

Identify An Insect

Insects can hide in places where you would never suspect. Be careful what you bring into your environment. Inspect items thoroughly to prevent future pest control headaches.

Termites In Mulch

***image2***Should you be concerned about termites in mulch? Quite a bit, actually. Fresh mulch spread all around our homes and offices creates a nice, fresh food source for wood eating pests and a warm blanket for bugs looking for shelter from the hot sun or early spring cold.

Insect Identification

***image2***Identify the insect. That's Pest Control 101. Do nothing until you know what it is you are targeting. Splashing pesticides about could actually make the problem worse.

Pest Control Methods

***image2***Common house insects like ants, spiders, crickets and millipedes find tiny entryways into your house. Exterior perimeter pest control treatments for these occasional invaders are the pest management method of choice among exterminating professionals.