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Summary: The common cricket is heard during warm summer nights. They are part of the environment that surrounds us, so there is little that can be done. But, we do have some choices when it comes to preventing crickets from entering our homes.

A reader asks: Crickets are abundant outside and the chirpping is driving me crazy each night.  How do I get rid of them?

Dear Reader: There are many types of crickets that can be found near, around or inside homes. House crickets, for example, normally live outdoors in warm weather, but will move indoors as it gets colder in late summer. Each female can lay over 700 eggs with newly hatched nymphs reaching adulthood in about 60 days. Adult House crickets are very attracted to lights, becoming active at night crawling up the sides of houses in large numbers.

Field crickets are serious pests of field crops. They become household pests in late summer and early fall when they move out of fields and into buildings. Female crickets lay approximately 150 to 400 eggs which hatch in the spring. Nymphs grow into adults in about 90 days. They are also attracted to lights. Large field cricket swarms have been known to invade well-lighted areas covering the sides of buildings. They are found outdoors in similar places as are house crickets, especially under stones or boards, entering cool, moist basements in hot summers.

There are several types of cricket bait that work well on crickets. Some of these baits ***image2***may only be available to professional pest control applicators. Maxforce granules work well on smaller populations outside around the home, in the turf and in flower beds. House and Field crickets will readily eat it. Small amounts are sprinkled around the exterior perimeter creating a five to ten foot-wide band of treated area. The granules are small and only a little is applied with each sprinkle. The granules will be hard to see once applied, but the crickets will find it. Pay close attention to areas around down spouts and air conditioning units. Crickets are attracted to moisture. An application will last several months. Heavily infested areas may require more frequent applications.

If the cricket population is seriously advanced I strongly suggest calling a professional for help. To get quick control a professional pest management company will treat three feet up the side of your home and create a wide barrier band around the foundation using products that you simply cannot purchase. A product such as Conquer EC provides quick knockdown and excellent residual.

The combination of Maxforce granules and Conquer will help reduce the population and return you to quiet, peaceful nights.

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