Latest Biting Insects Articles

Repel Mosquitoes

You can repel mosquitoes without applying smelly lotions and sprays. New developments have made controlling the pests easier. These products are affordable and claim to leave you mosquito free.

Mosquito Repellents

There are lots of choices of mosquito repellents, but choose wisely because some mosquito repellents can be toxic to children and sensitive individuals.

Kissing Bug

The Kissing bug belongs to a family of insects with over 130 species. Only one of the species, a South American variety, is known to regularly feed off the lips of its victims.

Avoiding Insect Bites

There are some fairly new and unusual items to help your efforts when avoiding insect bites and itching from poisonous plants. Some are topical creams and others are clothing or defensive items. It's all about the modern way to avoid insect bites and itching.