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Mattress Covers

Summary: Mattress covers are supposed to protect us from bed bugs. In reality, mattress covers save us from throwing out perfectly good bedding, but they don't solve a bed bug infestation on their own.

Apparently, every sheet maker in the country has jumped on the bed bug proofing bandwagon, offering mattress and box spring covers. The variety is a bit overwhelming because the choices get into that dark, mystical area of thread count and everyone know that leads to madness. But, you're here for a reason and you must not care about your sanity, so I'll do my best to lead you safely through this morass.

So, what's the difference between anti-dust mite covers and bed bug proof encasements other than four extra letters? Nothing that I could unearth said anything to the contrary. It all has to do with tightness of the fabric weave and a good zipper. Comfort, of course, is a big issue because some covers are made with synthetics, while others are totally cotton. If you don't wish to be sweating through the night I would guess that cotton would be the fabric of choice.

Mattress covers come in enough sizes to satisfy the three bears. Momma, papa and baby bear would find the perfect size of each of their beds and box springs. Sizing includes mattress depth for those of us who have gone over to the padded top mattress club. Just to let you know, you can add about four dollars for every additional three inches of mattress depth over the standard nine inch mattress.

For the sake of simple comparison let's use queen size covers as our benchmark for pricing and availability.

  • Heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl $16
  • Blend of cotton and polyester (60/40) $64
  • Breathable, 100% white terry cotton $90
  • Soft and supple microweave 100% polyester fabric $95
  • Peruvian organic cotton, plant and vegetable dyed $230

There now! That wasn't so bad, was it? I took you from low to high in five easy steps. You can spend pocket money or go to the bank for a loan for your covers.

There is something that really bothers me about all the mattress cover hype. You cover your bed with the guaranteed-not-to-escape mattress and box spring cover, but what about the bed bugs that did not happen to get locked inside the cover? Do people who buy these covers think all their bed bug problems will disappear the moment the mattress cover zipper is pulled closed? The bitter truth is that mattress and box spring covers only serve to save you the cost of tossing you bedding out on the street. These covers do nothing to stop other bed bugs from getting to you from their hiding place behind that picture hanging above your bed, or from the back of the headboard or from under your bedside table.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but there is no substitute for thorough and ongoing searches for the little rascals that love to feed on us while we sleep. The bed bug proof covers did their job. They saved you from tossing out a perfectly good mattress and/or box spring, but they did not cure your problem.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why someone has not come out with the same concept for sofas and recliner chairs. Meantime, all this bed bug infested furniture is hitting the street and new sofa and mattress sales are off the charts. At least bed bugs are making some people smile.

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