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Insect Repellent Clothing

Summary: Insect repellent clothing is just what the doctor ordered for keeping nasty bed bugs and mites from biting us while we try to get some sleep.

I've got the product everyone has been awaiting. It's the answer to 'How to avoid bed bug bites'. I found it today and I'm rushing right out to buy a complete set. You'll know who I am by my outfit. I'll be the one who looks like I've just escaped from a 1950 sci-fi movie, but I'll have the last laugh. I'll be bed bug bite-free. I'll be bird mite irritation-free. I'll be the one without a single red welt and I'll be well rested and mentally stable.

Want to know my secret? It's the DermaSilk full body garment. That's right folks! Finally, a body garment you can wear twenty-four hours a day to keep all those biting, nasty pests at bay. Take it off to wash it, of course, but whip it right back on no matter where you are going or what you are doing. Hot or cold. It does not matter. DermaSilk is going to become my second skin.

According to Travelodge, thu developers, DermaSilk regulates body temperatures and maintains the skin's moisture balance. Travelodge? Makes you wonder why a motel chain would develop pajamas that protect the skin from things that itch and bite. But, that's a whole other topic. Right? Oh, well! Someone at Travelodge said 'Let's give our guests some peace and rest when they come to our hotels. Instead of worrying about a bug-free room, let's give them a protective layer.' Good thinking! It certainly eliminates having to fret over the previous guest leaving behind bugs and stuff.

Anyway, the DermaSilk products can protect you from biting insects and mites and that's what I'm all about. Finding stuff that protects my readers from hungry insects. The product comes in all sizes and configurations for people as small as babies to great big people like you and me. You can get a full body suit, including foot and hand covers, plus special head covers that really make you look and feel like you are wrapped in a cocoon of protective silk. Leggings, tights, t-shirts, facial masks, briefs, socks. You name it. They've got it.

The DermaSilk clothing is tight fitting, so it is meant to be worn under other clothes without showing through. The socks, I especially like, because they are meant to fight foot odor. DermSilk has a Microbe Shield that kills bacteria. Even fights Athlete's foot. I mean, this product does it all.

DermaSilk is pricey, however. Hey! It lasts a really long time and all that protection from body odor is sure to be easier on your outer clothing. Just think of all the laundry detergent you'll save by wearing DermaSilk. At $116 U.S. for a man's t-shirt you're going to have to wear it for about twelve years, but who will know? There's no smell and the DermaSilk is hidden under your coat and tie. And, isn't that impenetrable layer is worth twice the price if it keeps bed bugs and mites from feeding on you?

Once again, Ask the Exterminator to the rescue.

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