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Bedbug Control

Summary: Bedbugs continue to frustrate us. Every bedbug control effort seems to fail. What can a person do to get rid of bedbugs once and for all?

It is the toughest decision you will have to make when dealing with a bedbug problem in your home. Do you toss out infested furniture or hope that pest control treatments will eventually eliminate the problem?

Pest control professionals have customers on both sides of the aisle. Some clients quickly decide to throw out mattresses and box springs, upholstered  chairs and even their dressers and bedside tables. They are disgusted by the very thought that their room might be inhabited by blood sucking insects.  While others simply refuse to discard anything at all. Thelatter type accounts tend to be continually plagued by bedbugs, of course. They eventually come to realize that either the infested furniture must go or they must decide that they can live with the bedbugs.

Generally speaking, wooden furniture can be treated in a way that bedbugs can be eliminated. Plywood should be tossed out because bedbugs can get into the laminated ends of the plywood sheets and hide from pesticide treatments. Solid wood provides no cracks and crevices and treatments are more successful.

How to get rid of bedbugs in upholstered furniture is problematic because of all the folds in the fabric. Bedbugs can get behind buttons, tufts and piping where pesticide applications are difficult. Treatments must also include areas covered by the cambric fabric (dust cover) on the bottom of most furniture, requiring the cambric to be removed.

As a rule of thumb, any piece of upholstered furniture with torn fabric should be discarded. Bedbugs easily move about looking for the best hiding places. Once they become established it is almost guaranteed that they will find openings in torn furniture where pesticides will not penetrate. Throw it out!

Understanding how different furniture types must be treated may help you in deciding which pieces may stay and which pieces must go.

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