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Bed Bugs In Hotels

Summary: Finding bed bugs in hotels has shaken the lodging industry. Travelers simply wish to check into a clean, pest-free room, but finding hotel bed bugs is now a common experience.

We've all seen the reports on national news about the bed bug problem in New York City and other major metropolitan areas. But, bed bugs have been found in all, but two of our states. There is no escaping contact with these pests regardless of the precautions taken. You can pick up a bed bug hitchhiker in a hotels, motels, movie theater, restaurant, at church or any place people gather.

Here are some things to do when traveling and checking into a hotel or motel room. Before unpacking, closely inspect the joint where the wall and ceiling meet. Bed bugs like to migrate upwards into corners. Even though the insect is small, you will be able to spot it. If the bed bug has been resting in the same spot for any time, there will also be an accumulation of small black dots. This is the fecal material excreted by the bed bug.

Pull up sheets and mattress covers and inspect the seam of the mattress for the presence of bed bugs or their fecal droppings. Look under the dust ruffles, as well.

***image1***Bed bugs love to hide behind headboards because of the close proximity to the mattress and sleeping bodies. If you can, lift the headboard off the wall and inspected the back side. Remember, the bed bug senses your body heat and makes its way to you for its nightly blood meal. Headboards make an easy "jump-off" location for bed bugs to reach you.

If you are only staying in a hotel for a night or two we suggest you not unpack and refrain from using dressers and bedside tables. If you do wish to unpack you need to inspect the inside and underside of drawers and the furniture piece, as well. Pest control professionals use a flashlight and inspection mirror for these inspections. Otherwise, put your suitcases on the portable suitecase stand provided in most rooms. Keep it away from walls and zip up suitcases when not in use.

All of this sounds like a terrible bother, especially for people who have to travel for a living. We can only tell you that following this routine may save you from developing an infestation at home. Should that occur you will be faced with a very expensive series of intrusive treatments that drive some people to drink.

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