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Bed Bug Prevention

Summary: No one wants bed bugs, so bed bug prevention is the mindset you must have to avoid this insidious pest.

When people think of household pests, things like rodents, ants, and cockroaches come to mind. A new kind of pest is moving up the list and spreading quickly. Bed bugs are a growing concern in North America, with more and more households dealing with the problem. These small, light-colored bugs are extremely hard to get rid of once found in the home. The best measure to avoid dealing with a bed bug infestation is to prevent it in the first place.

Here are the steps to bed bug prevention. First, learn how to identify a bed bug. They are very small insects, growing no larger than one quarter of an inch in length. The body is an oval shape and flat. The coloring is usually a light red-brown shade, and may look translucent. Search the Internet for pictures of bed bugs to be able to recognize when coming into contact with one.

Bed bugs are transported from place to place on things like luggage, furniture, and clothing, or anything soft. These insects will latch on and hitch a ride to a new home. People typically find bed bugs in their home shortly after traveling. Even short-distance trips, such as the subway or someone's home, can run the risk of bringing them home. Whenever leaving an area that is shared with others, such as hotel, be sure to check clothing and other items for hitch-hikers.

When checking luggage for bed bugs after traveling, look into every little corner as they can hide themselves in the smallest of areas. Bring a flashlight and search over the luggage thoroughly, including inside the lining. Anything that can go in the washing machine, such as clothing, should be washed in hot water and soap immediately upon return.

Furniture is also a favorite hiding place of the pests. Purchasing used furniture from classifieds ads increases the risk of bed bugs. Avoid bringing used furniture into the home to best prevent bed bugs. If used furniture is purchased, be sure to check it very carefully before bringing it in.

It is important to become familiar with the signs the pests leave behind. These signs can alert one to the presence of bed bugs, either outside the home or in. The bugs leave behind dark spots that are brown or red in color. These marks, which are fecal staining, mark an existing infestation even if no bugs are visible.

Bed bugs have become a serious problem. Anyone can run into them and bring them home, no matter how clean the hotel or home. An infestation of bed bugs is tough to deal with, and takes many hours of work to properly exterminate the pests. Preventative measures are the best, most protected way to avoid the hassle, inconvenience, and uneasiness of a bed bug infestation.

By: Erik Braunitzer (Twitter: ellimanbraun)
Hamptons Homes

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