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Bed Bug Infestation

Summary: Having a bed bug infestation in a hotel or apartment complex is commonplace, whereas prior to 1999 finding a facility with a bed bug infestation had not been heard of since the 1940s. Bed bug infestation problems are eating away at  the profits of hotel and apartment management firms.

Bed bug infestation problems are known to exist in over twenty-five percent of all the rooms offered by the US lodging industry. Of 4,402,466 rooms Only one percent are affected, but that still represents over 44,000 rooms. If you do a lot of traveling you are an odds on favorite to encounter bed bugs.

Apartment management companies have it much worse. A huge influx of ***image1***renters from foreign countries where bed bugs are tolerated, has created an environment where total bed bug control is nearly impossible.

Bed bug control is a labor intensive endeavor and costs for treating a single hotel or one bedroom apartment can easily exceed $300 per treatment. Multiple that figure times hundreds of units and suddenly profits fly out the forecasting window. Major hotel and apartment management firms are facing a gloomy financial future unless they can quickly bring this problem under control.

Our advice is to work closely with a professional pest control company that completely understands the pest. Arrange for the pest professional to present an "in-service" program for employees to teach them how to identify bed bugs and recognize the signs of bed bug activity. Your pest management professional should participate in formulating a written proceedure for inspecting rooms, reporting problems and acting agressively to stop and newly discovered infestations.

For more bed bug information please click here .

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