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Mice - Garage Door Seal

Ask the Exterminator shows you how a good garage door seal can keep mice and rats from entering your home. This is one of the main entry points for rodents looking to escape cold weather.

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In your experience what kind of garage door seals work the best for keeping mice out? I feel overwhelmed by the number of products available (some are threshold seals that glue directly onto your concrete, some are "rodent proof" steel lined seals that you attach to the bottom of the garage door, and some are bristle weatherstrips?). Does it matter which product I go with? Or is there a product that is most effective for keeping them from entering this way? Currently there is a small gap between my garage door and the concrete on one side of our garage since our concrete has shifted and doesn't lay completely flat. Thanks for your help!

olp10000 - June 26, 2017

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